2016 Year in Preview: Download our early take on the year to come

Predicting the future of anything is a fool’s errand. But the future of digital media? Forget it. Instead, Digiday is drawing on 12 months of reporting on brands, agencies, retailers, publishers, tech platforms and more to bring you the Year in Preview: A series of 10 essays, available for download in one PDF, examining what lies ahead for digital media in 2016, based on the lessons learned in 2015.

Your social feeds and email inboxes will no doubt be chock full of predictions on the future of digital in the weeks ahead. Ignore them. We’ll start posting our own series — informed, nuanced, arch and on point — one day at a time starting Monday, Dec. 7. Early movers will get the whole batch emailed to them in one fell swoop by signing up before Thursday, Dec. 14. 

The series will include essays on

  • Why 2016 is the year that publishers will finally get smart about platforms
  • What happened when we asked holding companies to divulge their diversity numbers
  • Which (fake) holidays brands will make up in order to flog their wares
  • Why London can’t produce world-changing startups like Uber or Airbnb

 Make sure you’re informed by the time Jan. 1 rolls around by signing up here to get the entire essays series delivered straight to your inbox before anyone else. Happy reading.

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