PR ladies give “Game of Thrones” the Instagram treatment and another agency creative proposes online via banner ad. Check out these and other tidbits for your amusement.

A Different Kind of Social TV: I love “Game of Thrones” on HBO. Sunday nights at 9pm could not come soon enough now that season two is on air. If you haven’t seen it, you are depriving yourself of some of the best TV programming out there, and if you have seen it and you don’t love it, there is something wrong with you. Seriously. There is nothing not to like about a medieval fantasy world with dragon babies and huge wolves, sexy stuff, violent stuff, intricate power struggles, weird shadowy demonic births. Mallory Blair, co-founder of boutique digital PR firm Small Girls PR, has cleverly managed to incorporate Instagram and Tumblr into the “Game of Thrones” world with her Tumblr “Gram of Thrones.” Blair uses stills from HBO Go to turn into filtered photos via Instagram. She pairs the pictures with Instagram-related captions that the show’s characters might say if they were for some reason obsessed with Instagram. GOT fans, check it out.  (via The Daily Dot)

GIFs That Keep on Giving:
The GIF Tumblr trend is still going strong. Here are two more industry-related ones to add to your Web-procrastination stores: 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One, and What Should We Call Social Media.
Klouchebag Index: Everyone has been buzzing about their Klouchebag scores ever since Web developer Tom Scott created Here is a list of the “38 Klouchiest Celebrities on Twitter.” (via Buzzfeed)

Click-Through Proposal:
Another creative tries an Internet proposal, this time with a banner ad. How romantic? (via Adfreak)

Viral Video: Some guy took over 60 hours to assemble 60,000 dominoes only to knock them down. Apparently, this is a thing. (via Viral Viral Videos)

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