UK October 5

Danielle Belton, former editor-in-chief of The Root, stepped into a role at HuffPost that had been vacant for more than a year, during which the company was sold, layoffs were handed down and a pandemic hit. As Huffpost’s new editor-in-chief, Belton turned into the newsroom’s therapist. Read more below.

  • Belton’s episode is the final in a four-part series for the Digiday Podcast called “The Modern Newsroom Leader,” featuring editors-in-chief as they navigate new industry challenges including staffers dealing with burnout, unsteady financial businesses and prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring practices.
  • Some said a Facebook outage is unlikely to have a major impact on advertiser spending as it’s a “mild nuisance” and too difficult for some to truly diversify. More in this week’s Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • Event and video activations will be much more common in the next couple months, while a slightly smaller share of publishers expect to be doing social activations. More in this Digiday+ Research.
  • Adland’s answer to calls for diversity came too little, too late for marketing firm founder Danielle Reid.
  • Buildings are rolling out incentives to try to maintain corporate tenants. The latest perk: the robot manicure and 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.