UK March 4

A year ago CEOs were focused on the pandemic. The term Covid-19 was repeated countless times by them to explain to analysts performance and forecasts. Now, the recurring word is “headwinds.” If it wasn’t macroeconomic issues, it was the need to continue contorting their businesses around an ever-fragmenting media landscape. CMOs are having to do more as a result. And in doing so work across more disparate parts of their businesses than ever before. Read more below.

From our sister site, WorkLife:

  • Now we’ve broken the mold on traditional work structures, a host of new-fangled terms have become part of our daily conversations. Here are the ones you need to know.
  • Business leaders — many with Ukranian ties, others with none except for our common humanity — are working overtime to ensure that the people of the war-torn nation get the aid they desperately need.