UK February 2

Major social media platforms have made some progress in cleaning up their acts and ensuring that their environments are safer for consumers and advertisers, but there is still a long way to go. Those shortcomings were a major motivator for IPG’s Mediabrands and MAGNA units to issue their Media Responsibility Index (MRI), essentially offering what it says is an unbiased assessment of the social media platforms’ efforts in areas such as data collection and use, and mis- and dis-information levels. Digiday got a first look at the third installment of the MRI, which is being released today. Read more below.
  • IPG is not alone in its efforts to move the industry forward when it comes to issues of brand safety, representation, enforcement against bad-actor behavior, data accuracy and eliminating bias, but arguably, the MRI is the most broad.
  • Blockworks’ upcoming Permissionless conference will be a testing ground for both selling tickets as NFTs and getting a new cohort of advertisers spending with publishers.
  • For Digiday+ members, this week’s Future of TV Briefing looks at why universal support for multiple measurement providers will matter for the TV advertising industry to complete its measurement makeover.
  • As more people continue life online, disability advocates call on brands, agencies and companies to be more inclusive.