UK December 3

This year, brands like McCormack, Venmo, Away, Benjamin Moore and Le Creuset have worked with Sanctuary, an astrology app, to create custom branded content — including matching paint colors, spending habits or cookware to specific astrological signs. Read more below.

  • “Brands have really taken note of this interest in astrology that is very widespread among millennial and Gen Z consumers,” said Ross Clark, CEO of Sanctuary, adding that the Sanctuary audience skews heavily female.
  • As the new head of the Los Angeles Times’ audio department, Jazmín Aguilera wants to develop the media company’s podcast shows so that one day people will connect them to the brand, and its “lens of the West Coast” approach.
  • The share of agency professionals who said they do not want to return to full-time office work has risen by more than 40% this year, according to new Digiday+ research.
  • As esports organizations expand their offerings in search of a cohesive and profitable business model, the acquisition of new companies can help bring in fresh ideas and unique revenue streams.

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