Daily May 12

“Intellectual property” is a term often reserved for the Disneys of the world that have been able to take characters like Mickey Mouse and franchises like Marvel and squeeze them for licensing revenue in the form of product lines and content syndication deals. But individual video creators are also now getting in on the act. Read more here.

Additional coverage:

  • In this week’s Digiday+ Media Briefing, media editor Kayleigh Barber checks in on how publishers’ attempts to win over advertisers with their shoppable video and livestream shopping programs are going.
  • Google is set to launch a new tool to help users better manage the types of ads they see and precisely who’s behind them, in a move it hopes will placate the privacy and transparency lobby.
  • Of the major subscription-based streaming services — Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Peacock — Disney+ netted the biggest number of new subscribers in the first three months of 2022.
  • Fortnite Creative is becoming a hub for metaversal brand activations, and the demand has pushed companies to look beyond Epic Games, the developer of the title, to reach audiences.
  • What is a data clean room today, and what should it deliver for marketers?
  • Why Colgate-Palmolive is taking a hybrid approach to in-housing.