Daily March 9

Sonia Oblitey is a lift-as-you-climb kind of person. She believes in teamwork, meaning every voice on her team deserves a seat at the proverbial table regardless of status or title. It’s part of her personality — one that her colleagues describe as collaborative and inclusive. Those are two key traits that have seemingly translated well to her current role as global marketing director at OkCupid. Read more below.

  • OkCupid’s global marketing director embodies inclusivity. That has translated well for the international dating platform’s messaging.
  • The move to be an early adopter in metaverse marketing follows recent efforts by American Eagle to get in front of Gen Z gamers and tech aficionados.
  • This week’s Digiday+ Future of TV Briefing looks at how subscriptions plus advertising have become the streaming equivalent to traditional TV’s dual-revenue model of advertising plus carriage fees.
  • Atlanta could become the new esports capital.
  • Why ESL and Qualcomm are teaming up to launch a $2 million mobile esports league.

From our sister site, WorkLife:

  • Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in Feb. 2020, 1.4 million female workers have lost jobs. Here’s how to account for those career breaks.