Daily March 29

Until there’s a clearer timeline on the demise of granular tracking, the future of ad tech is a scrappy work in progress — its many quirks persist despite attempts at reform. For a snapshot of the state of the industry, the trends set to define it and the power plays encompassing it all, read more below.

  • Move over kickbacks, rebates and undisclosed fees — accuracy and legitimacy of data are taking center stage.
  • Marketers and agency execs see the recent rise in partnerships with celebs to create jingles or songs as a way for brands to tap into audio branding as well as a recognition that “sound-on” advertising is making a comeback, particularly on TikTok. More in this Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • IPG’s Magna unit revised its growth estimate of total 2022 U.S. ad spend to be a slightly more sober 11.5 percent reaching $320 billion — with political dollars the wind under the ad economy’s wings.
  • The chairman of A. Smith & Co. Productions recounts how the company had six projects set to start production when the pandemic hit and how the production business has recovered since then.
  • IAB evp and general counsel Michael Hahn speaks on amendments being made to CCPA that will bring marketers into the fold.