Daily March 18

Some news organizations are lifting their paywalls and creating new channels to make information on the war in Ukraine freely available to readers there and in Russia. And while it doesn’t seem to impact a large number of readers (and therefore exact a large toll on the business), it’s an example of news organizations recognizing their mission as a public service in times of crisis. Read more below.

  • Publishers are lifting paywalls and creating Telegram channels to reach readers in Ukraine and Russia with their coverage of the war.
  • To address recent growth in the in-game advertising sector, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is developing new in-game advertising measurement standards to replace its current guidelines.
  • ​​Naz Aletaha was there for the birth of the modern esports industry. After joining Riot Games in 2012, she secured key brand partnerships that helped the game developer transform League of Legends into a worldwide phenomenon. Read more about her journey.
  • While most brands have played it safe during the polarized pandemic, Nando’s chicken has created cheeky messaging that takes a stand.
  • Marketing in the metaverse, although a long way off for most brands, has caught the attention of agency execs who see it’s potential over other new technologies, according to the latest Digiday+ Research.

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