Daily January 25

Google is at it again. This week, Google filed a motion to have a lawsuit brought by the Texas Attorney General dismissed. In the meantime, Google is also facing criticism in the U.K. over the alternatives it plans on offering in light of phasing out the third-party cookie. All this news comes as the company is expected to update the industry on its Privacy Sandbox initiative any day now.

Google still remains one of the most coveted black boxes on the internet — and we’re not entirely sure how it works. This case from Texas could break that wide open.

  • Google is gearing up for a fight.
  • Brand accounts have to go beyond just sounding like people to stand out on social channels. It’s easy to see then, why marketers and brand managers are pushing the envelope on social posts as people likely wouldn’t pay attention otherwise. More in this Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • Just around one-third of agency respondents said that their agency’s remuneration strategies would stay unchanged. More in this Digiday+ Research.
  • Daniella Pierson diversified her newsletter business by building a creative agency to better serve the media company’s advertising clients.
  • Unlike many esports orgs, ReKTGlobal is a diversified business with growing revenues. But it had to burn brand recognizability to get there.

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