Daily February 7

Chris “k1MBLE” Lloyd became an esports talent agent long before the professional gaming industry recognized there was a need for that service. But now, after years in the trenches, he’s reaping the rewards as an influential agent representing some of the biggest names in the industry. Read more about him below.

  • Lloyd’s decades of experience in gaming have taken him across the landscape of esports work, giving him a long view of the industry that informs his approach to esports talent management.
  • Media by Mother’s founder and CEO Dave Gaines has enjoyed the challenges of building a media agency from scratch over the last year, hard though it is amidst an industry-changing pandemic. More in this Digiday+ Media Buying Briefing.
  • In the latest edition of our Confessions series, in which we trade anonymity for candor, we hear from the business development director about the impact of the Great Resignation and what agency leadership should be aware of now.