Daily August 2

Last year Instagram rolled out a program to pay individual creators for posting Reels, and it has been expanding the program to media companies.

Additional coverage:

  • Fears of a recession have all but squashed top-line growth for many companies, forcing them to scramble for efficiencies to stretch profit margins. Wasted advertising is likely to top that list — and for good reason.
  • The role of the chief revenue officer includes more responsibilities than it did just a few years ago, but navigating through two economic slowdowns in two year’s time was unexpected. The Daily Beast’s Mia Libby talks about bracing for an economic slowdown and more in this episode of the Digiday Podcast.
  • Executives say they’re seeing a shift in how people create and consume content on Pinterest as well as how they shop. This rundown covers Pinterest’s Q2 results, which show investment in shoppable ads and video content.
  • While big name influencers rally against Instagram’s latest changes, smaller creators see a chance to grow. Read about this and more in this week’s Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • A Digiday survey found that publishers’ relationship with TikTok is complex. Far more are using TikTok this year than last, but those using the platform said there is a big discrepancy between its commercial value and its value for brand building.
  • More agencies are providing in-house education to level up their employees in an increasingly competitive hybrid workplace. They may have a leg up when it comes to recruiting and retention.