Daily April 8

Omnicom Media Group has set up an out-of-home focused programmatic private marketplace to give OMG clients preferred or exclusive access to place-based inventory that’s as close to point of purchase as one can get. Read more below.

  • OMG harnesses some 80,000 point-of-purchase screens across multiple environments.
  • Unilever’s chief digital and commercial officer is on edge: the global internet is being transformed. But that won’t necessarily make it better. In fact, it could make it worse.
  • Food52 lays off 20 people in company restructuring.
  • Guava Family, a direct-to-consumer parenting brand, placed its bets on paid search back in 2019, investing in Google search ads. Three years later, that’s still the case even as ad channels like TikTok and influencer marketing gain traction with peer DTC brands.

From our sister site, WorkLife:

  • LinkedIn has long been the place we present the best, most professional version of ourselves. Until the pandemic, that meant an almost robotic, stick-to-the-script stream of professional announcements and thought leadership content. But after two years of work and home life bleeding together, the way we present to our online professional network has changed.
  • Author Beth Anstandig spoke to WorkLife on how nature gives us lessons in leadership, empathy and survival.