Daily April 7

The countdown to cookie-deletion on the internet’s most popular platform — Google’s consumer offerings and accompanying ad stack — continues meaning others on the market will have to ready themselves. As the second quarter of 2022 kicks off, some predict the internet (as an advertising medium) is bifurcating into known, or “authenticated”, and unknown realms with the former typically characterized by walled gardens. Read more below.

  • OpenPath signals a potential ground shift for open web alliances amid the ashes of the third-party cookie.
  • Gaming has arrived as both a pillar of popular culture and source of advertising inventory, but some brands and agencies still struggle to grasp the value of this new medium.
  • This week’s Digiday+ Media Briefing covers one of the biggest talking points during last week’s Digiday Publishing Summit.
  • Much of Supergoop’s advertising focus was on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and, more recently, TikTok where the “mindful millennial” spends their time.
  • Nearly four months after the merger, Dotdash Meredith shares how it’s integrating its teams and platforms. More in this Digiday+ case study.

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