Daily April 22

Given the struggles some legacy financial firms have with attracting younger people to use their products and services, who seem as drawn to upstart services like Robin Hood or maverick investors like Cathie Wood of Ark Invest, it’s little surprise that Fidelity is staking a postion in the metaverse after dabbling there a few months ago. Read more below about the strategy.

  • Fidelity is sticking its foot into the metaverse, after having dipped a toe a few months ago. But is there enough interest to justify the effort? It depends on how you define the metaverse.
  • Turns out, it’s the culture around esports, not the competitions themselves, that really interest advertisers.
  • Publishers drop paywalls and release editorial packages to coincide with Earth Day.
  • Though children certainly have money to spend in the metaverse, the question remains how frequently under-13 users actually participate in branded experiences — and how willing they are to participate in the ensuing value exchange.
  • Startup investment app Titan wants to stake its claim in the world of financial services, getting in front of more people by using out-of-home advertising.

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