Daily April 12

For as much as connected TV advertising has matured in the past few years, the emerging medium maintains a mystique that has given rise to myths that must be dispelled. Read more in this myth buster below.

  • As a refresher — CTV and OTT are not the same, among other misperceptions debunked.
  • What if more than a third of your company’s first-party research about online behavior turned out to be not accurate? A new study from Disqo came to this conclusion.
  • Creator duo Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry almost called it quits more than two years ago. Then, Samsung offered them an annual contract. Now, they have a YouTube channel with more than 700,000 subscribers.
  • Marketers need to tweak their overall marketing approach to account for a world where someone may not ever click out of a social app to their site to buy something, according to marketers and agency execs. More in this Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.

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