The Signal: Steve Jobs Misspoke?


Amazon Turns Jobs Words Against Apple: The lawsuit over the “App Store” copyright is starting to fire up between Amazon and Apple. While Apple claims that it’s for exclusive use, Amazon cited Steve Jobs referring to “app stores” during Apple’s quarterly conference call, when discussing the Android platform. For a company that is trying to trademark such a generic name, you’d think that Apple’s fearless leader would remember not to use the name so casually. Geekwire


Motorola Sold Less Than 120,000 Xooms: Fortune took a look at the poor sales that the Xoom tablet since its recent launch. The view given is that while the company keeps attempting to compete with Apple, it should really focus on the other manufacturers in the Android space and attacking other manufacturers who have less patents than them. Wonder if it will try this route. Fortune


Nielsen Charts Mobile Numbers: With the pressure on from ComScore aggressively throwing its weight in to mobile, Nielsen has released a series of charts on what smartphone is the most wanted in the United States. The charts show the normal growth in Android and decline in iPhone, but the number of new devices purchased have been 50 percent Android. Nielsen’s market share shows a higher number of Android at 37 percent and Apple at 27 percent, which is higher than other reports. Nielsen


Medialets Muse for Managing Mobile Media: Muse, a product that places everything for a mobile media campaign in one location, is the latest offering from the mobile advertising company. Removing the entire creative process from email and placing it in a centralized place with comments, timelines, and email alerts is just one of the features that Muse offers. It also allows for publishers to set blueprints for new creatives to be built within its requirements without the brand having to start from scratch. Medialets


Soundtracking Passes 250,000 Downloads: In light of the recent acquisition of IntoNow by Yahoo it’s interesting to see that SoundTracking, an app similar yet in the music field, has surpassed the 250,00 download mark. The app lets users check in to a song and associate it with what’s going on in their lives while sharing it with the world. TechCrunch

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