ICYMI: The Craigslist That Isn’t Sketchy

I know I’m really late to the game on this one, but I just got the iPhone 4S, and let me just say, Siri is a huge letdown. She can’t pronounce my name, and she doesn’t tell me jokes like she does when John Malkovich asks her. Here are some afternoon links in case you missed them.

Most stories you come across about Craigslist involve nightmare situations, like, oh I don’t know, murder and money scams. It’s nice to finally see a positive story about the unique Web marketplace that we’ve all had some experience with at one point or another. The story features Joe Garner and his documentary about his month-long quest to live off of Craigslist and the wonderful community of people he encountered along the way. (via The Daily Dot)

Check out this entertaining new YouTube series called “Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews,” which features actors giving dramatic readings of Yelp restaurant reviews. (via The New York Times)

We are all guilty of “hate-searching” from time to time. You know when you search online for info on someone you don’t like to delight in the dirt you find on them. This post from The Awl explores the reasons why we enjoy this online behavior so much. (via The Awl)

Meet the Russian Julian Assange, Alexey Navalny. He is a lawyer and blogger known on a mission to end the corruption of Russia’s business and government through his blogging. (via The New Yorker)

People tweet at brands all of the time to complain and get free stuff in return. An Arizona student and stage-four colon cancer patient tweeted the CEO of his health insurance company Aetna to ask for help, and he got it in a big way. (via Gawker)


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