Facebook’s Social Search Plans

When people—inconsiderate, ill-mannered people— do that full-body lean against the subway poll in a crowded car so that everyone else around them is forced to try to balance without holding onto anything while the subway stops and jerks, all I want to do to them is have them Nickelodeon-style slimed. Until that is something that is possible, here are some links:

It looks like Facebook may be getting into the social search game in the near future, at least that’s what it sounds like according to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comments at the Disrupt conference about how Facebook is uniquely positioned to answer specific questions that regular old search just can’t answer, like “What sushi places have my friends liked?” Get ready, Google. (GigaOm)

Or maybe Google can compete with Facebook now with its new Kevin Bacon “Bacon Number” search. Now everyone can easily play “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” with the click of a button. Good work, Google. (The Guardian)

Want to be the coolest cat in your office? Then you are going to need one of these. It’s an antique typewriter hooked up to a tablet so that it’s a working digital writing machine. Jack Zylkin is the engineer behind this vintage tech remake and he sells them on Etsy. This has hipster bait written all over it. (The Atlantic)

NBC’s show SNL is doing something pretty cool: they’re crowdsourcing their next host. People can suggest stars they want to see hosting the show and musicians they want to see performing via the show’s Facebook page and on Twiter using the hashtags #SNLHost and #SNLMusic. This is definitely a fun way to make TV social. (The Daily Dot)

Apparently Burger King’s bacon sundae is so delicious it can advertise itself. Or rather, this rather rotund lady will sing its praises. Just watch. It’s hard to believe it’s actually real. Maybe it’s a guerilla campaign? Although saying that the diaraeah she will probably get from eating it is totally worth how delicious it is doesn’t really sound like the kind of brand message the fast food giant would want. (Buzzfeed)




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