Quartz’s Jay Lauf: ‘Serving the reader first is central to our strategy’

Quartz has never run a standard IAB ad, and for the sake of its readers, it wants to keep it that way.

At the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan in late June, Quartz publisher Jay Lauf shared how the 4-year-old publisher creates attractive banner and native ads for premium audiences. Its directive for advertising is simple: It must be beautiful to look at and easy to opt out of, like magazine advertising.

“What if you could marry the best of a magazine advertisement with all of the trackability and the power of digital?” asked Lauf. As such, said Lauf, Quartz has never run a standard IAB ad — they resize ads they receive from advertisers and do not work with content marketing platforms like Outbrain. As a result, he said, they can boast a 90 percent retention rate for advertisers.

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