#TalkLineBling: Butterball’s Twitter feed is obsessed with Drake’s hit

Perhaps all this time, Drake’s hit ‘Hotline Bling’ was just shrewd promotion for Butterball’s help line.

For the past 30 years, Butterball has opened a ‘Turkey Talk-Line,” staffed with 50 experts to help amateur chefs properly cook a Thanksgiving turkey. This year, the initiative has finally met its pop cultural zenith because of Drake’s telephone-centric hit.

A quick scroll through Butterball’s Twitter account shows quite the obsession with Drake, tweeting out edited lyrics and album art.

Here’s a sampling:

Butterball has even tweeted at Drake a few times:


So far, Drake has ignored them.

A Butterball representative told Digiday that it “couldn’t resist the idea of doing something with the trend of parodies” around Drake’s song. Ever since the music video was released last month, the Internet has been awash in parodies, memes, GIFs and a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit spoofing Drake’s dorky dancing.

Butterball even wrote a song to the tune of ‘Hotline Bling’ called ‘Turkey Talk Line Bling.’ It doesn’t have a music video (yet) so here’s a sampling the lyrics:

You always call me on my, you always, you always,
You always call me on my landline,
From the kitchen when you need my help
Call me on my landline
From the kitchen when you need my help

I know when that talk line bling
That can only mean one thing
I know when that talk line bling
That can only mean one thing

Even though you bought this turkey you
Don’t know how to cook this thing yourself, no.
Everybody’s hungry and you stepped out
Call the turkey talkline cause you stressed out

Cause ever since you bought this turkey you
Started thinking this was gonna be a chore
Turkey’s like a rock can it just cook more?
Shoulda started thawing this thing way before

Drake, you listening?


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