‘Stuff’ Marketers Say

Last week hundreds of marketers descended on Orlando for the Association of National Advertisers’ annual conference, the theme of which was “Masters of Marketing.”

As with any ad industry conference, buzzwords and empty phrases were bandied about all over the place. Judging from the tweets, this one was particularly rife. Here’s some of the comments that left Digiday’s editors scratching their heads the most.

“Allstate is talking to people who want a personal connection and maybe have more complex lives.” Lisa Cochrane, SVP of marketing, Allstate Insurance. (Via @cotton)

“The perfect time to start mayhem is when there is no mayhem is sight.” Cochrane (Via @jpmaheu)

“Marketing is democracy on steroids.” Mark Pritchard, global marketing officer, Procter & Gamble. (Digiday)

“Your brand must find a linkage with consumers or it will become irrelevant,” Mark Pritchard. (Via @ANAMarketers)

“Put purpose at the core of everything you do to create meaninful connections with consumers the world over.” Kimberly Kadlec, worldwide vp of gloabal marketing, Johnson & Johnson (Via @KacyRivers)

“The intimacy of digital provides brands with the opportunity to make brands more human,” Kadlec, (via @JWTNewYork)

“The best way to connect brands to consumers is creating human experiences.” Lisa Donohue, CEO, Starcom USA, (via @gyalif)

 Image via Shutterstock

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