Learn to Say Agency Names Right

While it often seems like agency folks are all drinking the same free-beer-fridge-ping-pong-all-day Kool Aid, sometimes they can be self-aware, self-deprecating and funny. Just check out this pretty awesome video, “The Agency Pronunciation Guide,” which has some fun with otherwise pretty boring agency names.

It would seem as though it is the work of Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors. It posted the video on its Facebook page, and at the end of the video it is the last agency named and actually has its full agency name pronounced. But those are the only clues so far that suggest it’s a creation of Forsman & Bodenfors, which even denied having anything to do with it on Twitter.

The video tutorial walks you through how to correctly pronounce agency names, like BBH — no, it’s not “bee-bee-ay-ch” — it’s “behhh,” like a bleating sheep. Duh. Just watch. You will be amazed at how you many agency names you’ve been butchering. (via Adfreak)

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