JCPenney embraces its ‘period skirt’ after it goes viral

JCPenney doesn’t have a problem with this “bloody” dress. Period.

The department store is dealing with the Internet’s puzzled reaction to a picture of a crisp white skirt with a pink flower. Sounds normal, except after staring at it for a moment, it looks like the flower is a puddle blood over the woman’s pubic area.

The skirt was first spotted on Imgur, with the caption reading “really could’ve picked a better place for that flower design….” True.

The picture, posted last week, has garnered 240,00 views and is now making the rounds online. Here’s the post:

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JCPenney cheekily responded Thursday on Twitter, defending the skirt.

The tweet, which even includes a link to the (now 40 percent off) skirt, was received bloody positively. “#wellplayed,” tweeted one, with another writing “that’s hilarious.” JCPenney pointed us to the tweet when asked for comment.
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