People can’t stop playing with Ikea’s meatball-slinging VR experience

Finally, a practical use for virtual reality: One that involves Ikea’s Swedish meatballs.

Earlier this month, Ikea jumped into the VR craze and rolled out an “experience” that lets people build a virtual kitchen. The idea, according to a press release, is to “solicit consumer feedback as Ikea continues to explore the possible implications of the technology for the home.”

Well, one possible implication was recreating the experience of shoveling dozens of Swedish meatballs down your gullet until passing out in the Ikea showroom. In a recent update, as requested by users, Ikea added a game where people can do just that, virtually.

The VR meatball eating addition is paying off for the brand because people are borderline obsessed with it, as evident in this clip uploaded to YouTube where one person admitted to spending 45 minutes throwing meatballs and said they “loved every second.”

“The reviews for the game make me want to visit the fantastical wonderland that is Ikea more than the actual game does,” a person commented on Reddit, where sincerity is rare. Another person added: “I’ve been looking for the ultimate IKEA meatball experience and it’s finally here.”

So if a brand is looking for people to actually use their VR attempt, just add some meatballs.

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