Disney’s alternative gumbo recipe ignites backlash

Just when we thought you could turn to Disney for an authentic experience, the entertainment giant has let us down: Disney is catching flack today for sharing a”gumbo” recipe in honor of its 2009 movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

The heathy recipe sounds tasty enough. But it featured shredded kale and quinoa (and completely lacked roux), in a stew no self-respecting New Orleanian would call gumbo. The recipe went viral for its vileness, derided on Facebook by Louisiana natives for butchering the essence of the dish.

Disney cried uncle, pulling the video from the movie’s Facebook page a few hours later. Now, it has now removed all traces of it online.

The video’s link on its website now redirects to the main page. Meanwhile, its YouTube video is set to “private” — a setting that also hides all comments.

But, blessedly, its legacy is preserved in internet amber. There’s a t-shirt which reads “not in my gumbo” underneath a bowl of kale that’s been crossed out in red.

A parody video that splices the recipe with famous actors screaming “no” has 18,000 views and counting. There’s also a reaction video from New Orleans YouTuber LSU Dad.

And while the original comments on the original video posts have vanished, commenters are using the ironic hashtag #GumboStrong on other content posted on Disney’s page.

And people’s own comments are alive and well:

You’d almost think Disney was suggesting we put peas in our guac, or something.

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