Digiday Research: Over half of brands say they handle marketing ‘mostly’ with internal resources

In-housing marketing is growing.

Digiday’s quarterly benchmarking survey found that about 83% of marketers are managing their marketing either mostly in-house or completely in-house. That’s up from the 55% of marketers six months ago who said the same.

60% of brand marketers surveyed by Digiday this quarter said they were managing their marketing functions “mostly” in-house, while 23% said they were managing it entirely in-house.

No brands said they were using agencies for all tasks, while only 5% said they were “mostly” using agencies. 13% said it was half-half.

Here is what people are managing entirely inhouse: 80% said it was brand strategy, 55% said it was social media, while 57% said it was media planning and strategy. Coming in lower were programmatic and traditional ad buying, as well as creative production.

But even those, many are managing partly-in house. 

The same survey six months ago found that 33% were managing marketing “mostly” in-house, with 22% saying it was completely in house.

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