Brands That Use Vine Right

Since its launch on Twitter in January, Vine has grown like, well, you know.

Naturally, many early-adopter brands have jumped on board, creating six-second video loops using the platform. Here are five brands using Vine well. For more examples check out Brands on Vine, which catalogs marketer efforts

Leading up to the reveal of its new Xbox console on May 21, Microsoft posted a Vine video on Twitter May 19 with the message: “Dressing @XboxRevealTent for the big day.” Giving fans a behind-the-scenes look is always smart, especially with fans as loyal as Xbox gamers. Xbox undoubtedly built up excitement for the release of the new console.

Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty”
Infinity Ward mostly kept mum on the new Call of Duty: Ghost game, built specifically for the new Microsoft Xbox console. In the week leading up to the release of the new game, Infinity Ward gave fans small sneak peaks at what’s to come. Call of Duty fans are obsessed with the game, and like Microsoft, Infinity Ward did a good job here building up excitement for the release.

Gap used Vine to showcase some of the Diane von Furstenberg prints being used in the DVF for Gap collection. The designer is also featured in the six-second video. Giving fans a sneak peak for what’s in store for the new collection is a great way to pique their interest. It’s also a great way to let people know that von Furstenberg is partnering with Gap.

Puma’s six-second spot was rolled out for all those who may have forgotten Mother’s Day this year. The video went out the day before as a reminder. It was timely, and just an interesting way to integrate Puma sneakers into the mix. 

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs’ Vine features actress Christina Ricci wearing a pair of the designer’s shoes. This is a celebrity endorsement of sorts, with so many Ricci fans on the lookout for what she wears.

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