BMW zooms onto Vine to show off its new i3

Vine has proven itself as an effective platform to demonstrate a product’s uses (see: Lowe’s) or a multinational’s versatility (GE). Now, BMW is adding a bit of Bavarian engineering to the mix. The automaker has launched its first-ever Vine campaign, a series of short, looping videos that show off various features of the its new i3 model.

Developed by KBS, the series called “I can do that” comprises 15 videos, 12 of which premiered Monday. Each highlights a different product attribute, from how the vehicle can turn in confined spaces, to how spacious it is, to how light it is. Each video is intricate enough to warrant repeated views. For example, to answer the question “Can the BMW i3 show off its turning radius?” the car shoots spray paint from its nimble piloted tired to spell out the letters “Y-E-S” on the pavement.

KBS also partnered with popular Viners Frank Danna (@erskine) and Gentleman Jack (@JackBethmann) to create the videos, each of which use a quick-cut, stop-motion aesthetic. “Our challenge was to create a social campaign that would tell the story of the innovative all-electric BMW i3,” said Marc Hartzman, group creative director at KBS.

The videos — which include an insane parkour routine that demonstrates how spacious the vehicle is, and a clip showing the car dodging a massive wrecking ball — were created along with production company B-Reel, were all shot with an iPhone camera.

Hartzman said that the parkour routine is also complex enough that people will want to watch it over and over again, using Vine’s looping capabilities to full effect.

Still, BMW is a relative late-comer to the platform. “Vine has been on our radar for a while,” said Kate Alini, social media and emerging technologies manager at BMW North America. “We were waiting to find the right type of content to best leverage the channel. Vine allowed us to tell really shareable short stories and not take ourselves so seriously.”

To date, the Vines have in total looped 88,243 times. BMW USA has 143 followers on Vine.

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