Archie gets a hipster makeover, asks for advice on Twitter

1920This week, Archie Andrews made headlines when he arrived at Comic Con in a cool new outfit. The 75-year-old comic book character is reimagined in “Archie #1,” a new series that brings Riverdale into the 21st century with the help of Converse sneakers and smartphones. The makeover is courtesy of Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples.

Archie’s signature red hair is now styled kind of like the Biebs’ and his hippie flares have been replaced by hipster skinny jeans, but the trials and tribulations of teenagerdom have mostly stayed the same. Issue #1 closes with the “atomic breakup” of Archie and Betty (who now wears a crop top and boyfriend jeans).

“The most aggressive attempt to cater to a younger audience comes at the very end of the issue,” according to the A.V. Club, when Archie asks readers for girl advice via Twitter using the hashtag #lipstickincident. Its success has been limited, used only 200 times since the issue’s release on July 8, according to data from Topsy.

But while the hashtag isn’t garnering much advice, it’s accompanying plenty of praise.
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