WTF is the CTV tech stack?

While video advertising, and CTV advertising specifically, has gained momentum over the past several years, many advertisers are still determining what they need when starting a connected TV marketing program. As such, they’re looking for guidance on how to sustain campaigns over time in the CTV channel, what technologies they’ll need to onboard, and the relevant skillsets to run it all. One way advertisers can make the most of this channel is by identifying how the CTV-specific tech stack works.

In this WTF guide, Digiday and Unruly unpack the key elements CTV advertisers need to be aware of, the ways they differ from a typical programmatic digital advertising setup and how all the pieces fit together to create a cohesive CTV-specific setup that sets advertisers up for success in the space. 

Download this guide from Unruly to learn more about: 

  • How DMPs function for advertisers
  • The data-related specifics CTV advertisers need to know 
  • Obtaining CTV data from OEMs and OSes
  • Breaking down what ACR data is and how advertisers can use it 
  • What CTV advertisers need to know about CTV-specific ad servers

Sponsored by: Unruly

WTF is the CTV tech stack?
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