The digital marketer’s guide to the connected consumer

In 2023, marketers know that CTV audiences are more than the sum of what they watch on a single screen. These are highly engaged consumers, and they are connecting with brands across multiple digital platforms and touchpoints in a broader ecosystem.

The challenge for marketing teams is following this journey and understanding how and when to engage these multitasking viewers. The good news is that data is helping marketers to do just that. 

In this Tactics + Insights guide, Digiday and Quantcast put a lens on how brands connect with CTV beyond the living room screen — including measuring performance and engaging consumers across devices and channels.

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How cross-channel targeting delivers consistent messaging to consumers
  • Why multi-touch attribution is leaving behind first- and last-touch models
  • Ways marketers are using data to personalize connected touchpoints
  • How machine learning tools are helping marketers optimize digital campaigns

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The digital marketer’s guide to the connected consumer