The brand’s guide to community advertising

As brands work to cut through marketplace noise and reach engaged audiences, they are increasingly leveraging community advertising — including influencer marketing, onsite product reviews and affiliate networks — to enhance their reach and impact within specific niches or target audiences and build lasting relationships with consumers. 

In this Tactics + Insights guide, Digiday and Best Buy Ads explore how brands leverage RMNs and community advertising to drive customer consideration and conversions. By emphasizing honesty in influencer content and product recommendations, brands build trust while capturing the attention and loyalty of everyday consumers.

Download this new guide to learn more about:

  • How brands are working with influencers throughout the funnel
  • Why brands are engaging with RMNs for influencer marketing
  • How affiliate partnerships fuel discovery and consideration
  • How brands are driving higher conversion rates with product reviews

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The brand’s guide to community advertising
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