Unlock the power of your data: Five ways publishers can reinvent their business in 2019

Together, Facebook and Google are known as The Duopoly, a digital powerhouse that reaches more than 3 billion users worldwide and controls an overwhelmingly large percentage of digital advertising budgets. But The Duopoly isn’t seen as an unstoppable force due to its sheer size. They’re ahead of the pack due to the high-quality data they offer; data that advertisers can use to their advantage.

In 2019, publishers who build data-driven revenue models will be on more equal footing with these giants. In this guide, we’ll show you five ways you can use your first-party data to build closer, more profitable relationships with your readers, allies, and advertisers. You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome challenges such as poor technological infrastructure, data silos and staff that doesn’t fully understand how data-driven business models work
  • The best ways to use dynamic, personalized paywalls instead of outdated hard paywalls
  • How to balance subscriptions and inventory in real-time to maximize revenue
  • Insight into forging data alliances to bring publishers closer to the Duopoly’s capabilities

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