The marketer’s guide to email optimization

As email marketing grows by leaps and bounds, brands are increasingly recognizing the ongoing importance of the channel for connecting with audiences and increasing engagement. 

However, challenges remain. To ensure success in the long run, the savviest email marketers are digging into the factors that drive performance.

To help marketers craft engaging email content that creates new business and keeps longstanding customers close, this new Tactics + Insights guide from Digiday and Mailchimp puts the spotlight on how brands are employing nuanced measurements, testing and personalization to build successful email campaigns.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How to create skimmable, action-oriented email copy balanced with strong visuals
  • How to use CTR, open rates and other metrics to evaluate email campaign effectiveness
  • How to implement always-on email testing to pinpoint elements that are working best
  • How to identify an effective email marketing partner

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The marketer’s guide to email optimization
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