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2022 Coverage

New York Times Advertising, Seed Health and The Clear Cut among 2022 Future Leader Awards winners: Digiday Media is excited to announce the 2022 Future Leader Awards winners. Representing brands, agencies, retailers and publishers, this year’s winners are leading their organizations into the future through their visionary leadership while also ensuring their impact is felt beyond the bottom line. Read more here.

Peace Out Skincare, BetterUp and Holler are among 2022 Future Leader Award nominees: From founders of brands that were created out of personal need to leaders who are unafraid to speak out — or even build entire companies around — formerly taboo topics, this year’s nominees signal an innovative, courageous future for marketing, media, retail, beauty, wellness and fashion. Read more here.

For more on our 2022 Future Leader Awards winners, click through our guide below. Download the full version here.

2021 Coverage

DECIEM and Refinery29’s Unbothered are among the Future Leader Awards 2021 winners: Digiday Media is thrilled to recognize the winners of the 2021 Future Leader Awards. Hailing from agencies and brands, publishers and retail, this year’s honorees represent six individuals who are not only setting the bar remarkably high as they build their careers — each is clearly leading in the present, already — they’re also innovating and succeeding at standout side hustles that are moving needles for markets across industries. Read more here.

IPSY and Huge are among 2021 Future Leader Awards nominees: When it comes to the future leaders of the media, marketing, beauty and retail industries, the common thread is that there’s hardly time to hang around looking for recognition — the proof is in the audience and customer journey, and that’s a 365-day focus for the professionals making waves at their companies. Read more here.

For more on our 2021 Future Leader Awards winners, click through our guide below. Download the full version here.

2020 Coverage

2020 Future Leaders Awards winners hail from PepsiCo, PopSugar and Allbirds: 2020 Future Leader Awards, which recognize the next generation of leaders across media and marketing, fashion, beauty and retail, go to Mike Jeong of PepsiCo, Gwendolyn Rahn of PopSugar and Hana Kajimura of Allbirds. Read more here.

Digiday announces finalists for its 2020 Future Leaders Awards: Candace Payne and Nelly Mensah of Sephora, Gabby Nastri of 360i and Mike Jeong of PepsiCo are just some of the 46 industry professionals who have been short listed for Digiday’s Future Leader Awards in seven different categories. Read more here.

2019 Coverage

January Digital and Food52 execs are 2019 Digiday Future Leaders: Roxana Zadeh of January Digital and Kristina Wasserman of Food52 are two of eight 2019 Digiday Future Leaders — a group recognized in the industry for forward-thinking and displays of leadership both within and above the scope of their role. Read more here.

Execs from Bleacher Report, PMG and Insider named Digiday Future Leader Awards finalists: CSusi Park of Bleacher Report, Tony Manfred of Insider and Carly Carson of PMG are shortlisted in the first-ever Digiday Future Leader Awards. Read more here.