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Digiday Magazine Issue 11

It’s time for truth. “Brand safety is our top priority.” “This isn’t a pivot to video.” “We put the reader experience first.” “Our agencies are valued partners.” If you work in media and marketing, you’ve probably heard these fibs so much, they likely don’t even cause you to blink. That’s why in our new issue of Digiday Magazine, we’ve put a spotlight on the truth and lies told in the industry.

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September 20

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Thursday, September 20th at 12 pm E.T.-  Cory Haik, chief strategy officer at Mic, will join Digiday+ members for a Slack Discussion, where she'll discuss the challenges facing digital publishers in a post-Facebook world.

October 3

Digiday+ Member Event at Advertising Week New York 2018 Pulse Premium Content

Wednesday, October 3rd at 5 pm E.T. Join a Digiday editor and three top executives from different brand verticals as they go through a rapid-fire round of some of the most wired and most tired concepts, phrases and trends in the industry in this segment of Digiday's In and Out.

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