Daily September 16

Here’s how and why each platform — Facebook, Instagram and TikTok — has pulled back from social commerce, and whether this feature will ever catch on with advertisers.

Additional coverage:

  • Minute Media is now the proud owner of its own supply-side platform otherwise known as the marketplace advertisers go to buy ads on its sites. Here’s an inside look at its strategy.
  • Nothing focuses the mind on financials like an economic downturn. Even so not every financial figure is as revealing as it sounds. Take traffic acquisition costs (TAC). And what that means.
  • At a time when more publishers are entering the wellness space, The Washington Post is focusing on specific coverage areas, such as disability and misinformation.
  • Aerie won’t use retouched photos for its ads this fall, touting user-generated content as social media and influencer marketing takes up more ad dollars for the brand.