Daily September 12

When recession looms, barter booms. Nowhere is this truer (in marketing) at the moment than with influencers.

Additional coverage:

  • The IAB Tech Lab’s seller-defined audiences specification is effectively a cohort-based targeting method packaged with a nutrition label for the corresponding ad targeting data. This video breaks down the logistics — and challenges — of seller-defined audiences.
  • At a time when advertising across many sectors is slowing down, podcast and audio investments might remain strong in the next year.
  • One VC vet talks about hunting for tech startups with Martin Sorrell’s backing. More in this Digiday+ Media Buying Briefing.
  • Atlanta-based burger restaurant Krystal is looking to entertainment stars and pro athletes to maintain brand relevance and attract younger customers.
  • When Queen Elizabeth II died last week, it was no surprise that there was a flurry of commemorative posts for the monarch. But just because marketers can cobble these tributes together so quickly doesn’t necessarily mean they should.
  • Members of Gannett’s union held a protest against management’s handling of the company, in light of recent layoffs.