Daily July 8

Privacy laws ushered in by legislation such as GDPR require fundamental changes in the marketing landscape that are creating tectonic shifts in advertisers’ traditional partnership models.

Likewise, agency groups need to change suit as first-party relationships are now king. For this reason, Goodway Group has purchased Canton Marketing Solutions, a four-year-old consultancy headquartered in the U.K. Read here about the move.

Additional coverage:

  • As iOS 14 has muddied advertiser data options on social media, a DTC jewelry brand is bullish on the value of organic strategy.
  • The Almond Board of California partnered with Marvel Studios to launch their marketing campaign across social media and streaming platforms ahead of the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder.
  • The pressure to be on top of everything a social media manager is responsible for can be too much for some, and the expectations of the role have only grown. One social media manager talks about the role’s biggest challenges today.
  • How indie media agency Apollo Partners swings for the fences for its clients.