Daily July 28

BDG has been on a mission to revamp the brands in its lifestyle division for the past few years, by increasing the exclusivity in its events business, acquiring new luxury-focused fashion brands and adding shoppable elements to its content. More in this Digiday Podcast episode.

Additional coverage:

  • Marketers and agency execs are focused on making sure employees, especially those in states where abortion access is now unavailable, know about the updated health care policies. Read more about how agencies and brands are responding to the overturning of Roe v. Wade in this week’s Marketing Briefing.
  • Mobile app Uproad is looking to boost brand awareness by educating consumers on its offering via digital billboards and new digital video ads. Adding digital out-of-home billboards is a first for the nearly 2-year-old company.
  • Spending of the top 10 automotive advertisers on linear ad impressions in the U.S. saw a steep drop off in February and impressions bought in March, April and May were below 7 billion. The sector has been struggling since before the threat of recession.
  • Third-party cookie deprecation brings with it an emotional roller coaster for marketers, so Digiday took to the source to learn more. Digiday+ Research found emotions range from understanding to worry to relief.