Daily January 28

Marketers are experiencing FOMO around the metaverse, sparking a wave of brand activity, from branded in-game characters to non-fungible tokens, across a range of virtual platforms. But as brands start activating more frequently in virtual space, they risk burning consumers out on the concept of the metaverse before it can truly take shape. “The metaverse will be a huge experience for brands,” said Matt Greener, vp of marketing at TINT. “Those who have the R&D budget and resources to start strategizing need to be OK with the possibility of failing.” Read more below.

  • As both brands and consumers become more familiar with the metaverse concept — and more comfortable traversing virtual spaces — the competing FOMO and burnout surrounding the concept will likely reach some sort of equilibrium.
  • Part of a broader social- and search-driven campaign, plant-based food company LikeMeat launched the first-ever scavenger hunt promotion and contest on TikTok.
  • Enthusiast Gaming named its new svp of talent, Scotty Tidwell, who is bringing to the role over a decade of experience in generating engagement around endemic gaming brands.
  • In the midst of on-going pandemic, it’s no surprise then that people are seeking out unique ways – on their own or offered by their employer – to destress.