Daily February 1

U.S.-based publishers and audio platforms, including companies like Vice Media Group, iHeartMedia and Tinkercast, are going to be investing in more non-English podcasts this year as they catch on to the opportunity to grow their global listener bases. In order to capitalize on this potential international audience, publishers and audio platforms are taking a variety of different approaches, from translation to duo-language production. They’re also investing in podcasts produced specifically for non-English-language listeners. Read more below.

  • Podcast producers from Vice Media Group to iHeartMedia will produce more content in languages other than English this year to reach global and bilingual listeners.
  • On the Digiday Podcast, Vice Media Group’s digital chief Cory Haik discussed her plan for how commerce and consumer revenue will represent two-thirds of digital division’s revenue by 2024.
  • For Digiday+ members: This year, brands are leaning on the metaverse and NFTs to hack their way into Big Game advertising without paying the cost of a Super Bowl spot.
  • Also for Digiday+ members: New Digiday Research found that the percentage of agencies that expanded their services in 2021 was more than twice as big as the percentage whose offerings did not change.