Daily August 23

More than a year after Apple’s ATT move, DTC is expanding again, with TikTok the primary beneficiary.

Additional coverage:

  • A recent Digiday+ Research survey found that brands’ confidence across marketing channels doesn’t quite line up with the way they allocate their marketing budgets.
  • Ahead of this past weekend’s premiere of “House Of The Dragon,” DuoLingo has been partnering with HBO Max to create a course for the new series.
  • To deal with the current climate, many marketers today are pushing for more performance marketing efforts that can help them prove the efficiency of their budgets and the value of their advertising efforts. More in this Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • BuzzFeed’s CRO Edgar Hernandez and his team presented a recession plan to its senior leadership in June and is seeing indications that consumer electronics and retail ad spending is rebounding. He talks about this and more in this Digiday Podcast episode.
  • The Brewers Association, an American trade group of over 5,400 brewers, is launching a new campaign to promote independent brewers and its independent craft brewer seal.