Daily August 10

Contraceptive brands such as Plan B, Favor and Phexxi have in some cases doubled or even quadrupled their online advertising to reach consumers.

Additional coverage:

  • This week’s Future of TV Briefing looks at the relationship between YouTube Shorts and traditional YouTube videos as video publishers adopt the former in hopes of contributing to — and not cannibalizing — the latter.
  • In the third episode of Digiday podcast The Return, ad agency Fitzco sees its first positive case of Covid-19. While the team is disappointed, there are no active plans of turning back the clock to pandemic lockdown.
  • Advertisers on TikTok need to follow a few best practices if they’re going to succeed on the platform, such as always thinking vertically, and being comfortable with the style of the creators they work with.
  • There is perhaps no social media platform that is more appropriate for publishers than Twitter. In this Digiday+ Research deep dive, we look at why this is.