Why Nike’s a Model Digital Brand

Which brands are the most digitally savvy? Who better to ask than the top agency executives set to speak at the Digiday Agency Summit on October 23-25 in Palm Beach, Fla.

“Nike. They embraced how digital can create entirely new business models for them while simultaneously enhancing their offline business.”—Kenny Tomlin, CEO, Rockfish

“Nike. They’ve lowered their traditional ad spend by 40 percent over the last few years while at the same time spending more on marketing. Innovation is in their DNA. They not only make remarkable and inspirational content but also put a huge emphasis on digital product and customer experience. They won SXSW 2012 with the launch of Fuelband. They understand the power of productized marketing and continue to set the bar high for the industry.”—Winston Binch, chief digital officer, Deutsch LA

“Facebook. I don’t think they’ve done anything too jaw dropping from a marketing perspective, but I don’t think any other brand has changed the face of online advertising and marketing the way Facebook has. Brands are always at the edge of their seats to see what Facebook will do next.” —John Noe, CEO, Rokkan

“I am a big fan of Amazon. They are doing some amazing things with their website, data warehouses and their distribution facilities. They are digital through and through, and it is a brand that totally gets what it means to use digital to create efficiencies.” —Darren Herman, chief digital media officer, The Media Kitchen


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