Now Dogs and Cats Can Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if your pet were on Instagram, look no further than the latest campaign by pet food brand Nature’s Recipe: “Nature’s Recipe for Moments.”

The campaign casts dogs and cats as photo-journalists tasked with capturing shots of their quotidian existence. The pet food brand is giving pet owners special two-ounce cameras that easily attach to their pets’ collars and snap pictures of the the world from the pet’s perspective. With the help of agencies Digitaria, Starcom and VaynerMedia, Nature’s Recipe has also created a special site to collect all of these pet POV shots as pet scrapbooks so that people can share the images.
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To start, 50 cameras have been given out to “influential pets and pet parents” who have already started posting pictures to the pet-version of Instagram. Unsurprisingly, this means lots of blurry shots, people’s legs, outdoor landscapes and some backsides of dog tongues. It’s actually pretty cute and fun to see what these pets see. It’s also entertaining to realize that your dog is actually a tortured artist trapped inside a four-legged body and that these blurred photos of grass and shots through fences are serious artistic doggy statements on longing, life, art, existentialism, post-modernism. Just kidding, all they want is food or a tummy-rub — don’t we all?

“We want to use technology to show the world through the eyes of our pets and help strengthen the relationship we have with them by bringing our worlds even closer together,” explained Paul Drohan, executive design director at Digitaria.

For Nature’s Recipe, this is a fun way to get pet owners to do what they already love doing: share stuff about their pets. And according to Digitaria, the agency is waiting to see the interest in the collar cameras before deciding whether to work toward mass producing them.

In the meantime, pet owners have the chance to win their own collar cameras by  sharing their best pet photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RecipeForMoments from now until March.

Watch the campaign video below:

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