WTF is web ops for marketers?

A website is at the heart of nearly every organization’s digital strategy — it’s the single most important digital asset the organization owns, and it should be the hardest working one. However, marketing teams also find websites to be a source of frustration, where, chances are, the organization’s approach to website operations — web ops — needs some attention. 

As marketers increasingly build for a digital-first customer journey, successful teams are collaborating with IT in an increasingly sophisticated way to bring web ops into a central part of the whole organization’s approach to the customer. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and Pantheon put a lens onto what most brand marketing teams are missing without a deeper understanding of web ops technology, agile processes and more vital collaboration. 

Download this guide from Pantheon to learn more about: 

  • How web ops affects marketers specifically 
  • How marketing teams can collaborate with IT
  • How the ACLU put web ops into practice
  • How to identify a partner to help implement a web ops practice

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WTF is web ops for marketers?