WTF is the future of identity and addressability?

The third-party cookie isn’t long for this world. Other ad-targeting tools — most notably mobile advertising IDs — are also likely destined for a state of diminished utility. And regulators are throwing additional challenges at targeted advertising. 

Now, as brands and publishers work to reach users within an increasingly restrictive targeting paradigm, they’re urgently searching for new ways to address individual audience members in accurate — yet privacy-compliant — ways. In this new guide, you’ll gain insights into the techniques and technologies that buyers and publishers are leveraging to master identity and addressability in a rapidly evolving era.

Download this new guide to learn:

  • Why targeting unique addressable IDs is now a major industry focus
  • How deterministic and probabilistic IDs differ —  and why both are necessary
  • Why some industry professionals are managing IDs through a single interface 
  • Why programmatic will need addressability to survive and thrive